16th c. Wood Statue of a Bishop

16th_century_wood_statue_of_a_bishop1.jpg16th c. Wood Statue of a Bishop
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16th_century_wood_statue_of_a_bishop1.jpg 16th_century_wood_statue_of_a_bishop2.jpg 16th_century_wood_statue_of_a_bishop3.jpg 16th_century_wood_statue_of_a_bishop4.jpg 16th_century_wood_statue_of_a_bishop5.jpg 16th_century_wood_statue_of_a_bishop6.jpg 16th_century_wood_statue_of_a_bishop7.jpg 16th_century_wood_statue_of_a_bishop8.jpg

Parcel gilt statue of a bishop in flowing robes with paint traces mounted on a Lucite pedestal.

Dimensions:  41.5in. Height x 17in. Diameter
Period:  c. 1580
Materials:  Wood, Paint, Gilding
Place of Origin:  Italy