Original Oil Painting of Cannes, France

1564166351861.jpgOriginal Oil Painting of Cannes, France
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Signed, bright, highly desirable oil-on-canvas painting of flowers in front of open window, overlooking moored boats. "Matinée à Cannes" by listed and widely collected French Post-Impressionist painter, Jules Cavailles (1901-1977). Canvas size: 31.75" H x 25.5" W.

From the Jules Cavailles Research Center:

Jules Cavaillès was a painter whose art expressed the ‘joy of living’. He adored cheerful images which conjured up the pleasures of life: sunny harbour scenes viewed through open windows, the lush countryside, naked women, colourful flowers in decorative interiors, and even lobsters.

He composed and recomposed this selected reality at leisure, presenting it through objects gleaned like repositories of memories, and he infused his art with life thanks to pure colours stroked by a soft light. The decorations of his interiors are a reflection of childhood memories, imbued with a distinctive provincial Napoleon 111 character. These interiors are still marked by a kind of maternal warmth, an invitation to adopt an unhurried approach. His paintings of open windows are like a breath of fresh air; they are an open stage, reflecting a leisurely way of life, and create a mood of contemplation. Despite his delicate and lyrical touch, Jules Cavaillès manages to convey his tremendous lust for life in his paintings.

To quote Delacroix, Jules Cavaillès’ paintings are a ‘feast for the eye’. He exhibited widely and won several prizes, and his paintings are represented in major collections such as the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, and the municipal art galleries of Albi, Marseille, Montpellier, Toulouse, Chicago, Helsinki, Tel Aviv and Zurich.

Dimensions:  36.5in. Height x 30.25in. Width
Period:  c. 1960
Materials:  Oil-on-canvas
Place of Origin:  France