Roman Empire Marble Bust

Period: c. 4th Century C.E.

Suite of Antique Painted Chairs

Period: Turn of the Century

Whimsical, Polychrome Wall Plaques

Period: Early 1800's

Early 1600s, Marble Bust of Athena

Period: Early 1600's

Suite of 17th Century Reliquaries

Period: Mid 17th Century

18th Century, Fall Front Desk

Period: Later 18th Century

18th Century, Marble Torso of Apollo

Period: Early 18th c.

Early 19th Century Giltwood Mirrors

Period: Early 19th Century

18th Century, Carrara Marble Bust

Period: Late 18th c.

Striking, Italian, Chinoiserie Cabinet

Period: 1850's + c. 1960

Striking, Period, Neocolassical Demilunes

Period: Turn-of-the-19th-Century

Grand Tour Period, Bust of Brutus

Period: 1st quarter, 20th c.

Pair of 19th Century,

Period: 1880's

Patinated, Florentine, Bronze Urn

Period: Mid 20th c.

Naples Saint Figure

Period: 19th century

Stone, Holy Water Font

Period: 1600's

Marble Cherub Head

Period: c. 1800

Tuscan Commodino

Period: c.1880

Carved, Gilded Wood Angel

Period: 1700's

Italian Santos Figure

Period: 1700's

Early 19th c., Italian Commode

Period: Early 1800's

Four Drawer, Italian Commode

Period: Early 1800's

Terracotta Bust of Bishop

Period: 19th Century

Altar Crown

Period: c.1800

Ceramic Italian Planter

Period: c.1940

Italian Cararra Marble Urn

Period: 19th c.

Pair of Limestone Statues

Period: early 1800's

Bronze, Altar Stick Lamps

Period: c.1860

Italian Alter Sticks

Period: c.1990

Hand Carved Roman Lion

Period: Early 1800's

19th Century Marble Bust

Period: c.1850

Sicilian Olive Jug

Period: c.1850

Italian, Art-Deco Humidor

Period: c.1920

Tuscan Chest of Drawers

Period: c. 1750

19th c. Bedside Table

Period: c.1850

Tuscan Library Table

Period: 19th c.

Large Console Table from Genoa

Period: Late 1700's

Gilded Bronze Italian Chandelier

Period: 18th Century

Italian Chandelier from Genoa

Period: late 1700's

Venetian Mirror

Period: mid 1800's

Italian, Rococo Chair

Period: c.1775

19th c. Murano Lantern

Period: c.1880