Faience Foo Dogs

Period: Mid 19th c.

Roman Empire Marble Bust

Period: c. 4th Century C.E.

Early 1600s, Marble Bust of Athena

Period: Early 1600's

18th Century, Carrara Marble Bust

Period: Late 18th c.

Large, Cast Bronze Doe

Period: c.1940's

Gilded Venetian Statue of a Bishop

Period: Circa 1700's

Italian Santos Figure

Period: 1700's

Naples Saint Figure

Period: 19th century

19th c., Gilded Angel

Period: c.1850

Flemish Oak Statue

Period: 1700;s

Pair of Limestone Statues

Period: early 1800's

19th Century Marble Bust

Period: c.1850

19th c. Bust of Napoleon

Period: c.1875