Signed, Bronze Hound Sculpture

A lively, beautifully cast, patinated bronze sculpture of two hounds on a lush forest floor by listed French artist, Alfred Dubucand (1828-1894). A proponent of Romantic Realism,  Dubucand was a prize pupil of the renowned founder of the French Animaliers School, Antoine-Louis Bayre (1796-1875) whose patrons were representatives of the state government and royalty including the Duke of Orleans and the Dukes of Luynes, Montpensier and Nemours.  Dubucand were often juried into the annual Salon art exhibition in Paris where he contributed works over from 1867 to 1883. Known as a master of detail, Dubucand was meticulous in his renderings of deer, dogs and horses in vivid motion.

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8.5in. Height x 11.5in. Width x 5.75in. Depth



Place of Origin



c. 1880's

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