Signed, Bronze Sculpture of Resting Dog

Sensitively rendered, hand-cast, signed bronze sculpture of a resting dog on a naturalistic base of the same by listed French artist, Georges Lucien-Guyot (1885-1973). The animal is relaxed with head on crossed paws- a familiar and charming pose. Born to a modest family, Guyot lacked the funds for a formal education but was apprenticed to a woodcarver and gained valuable technical expertise through copying religious works from the 15th century. Turning his sights to the natural world, he frequently drew animals and plants in the Jardin des Plantes, transferring his studies to sculptures in the studio. A famous figure of the Montmartre disttrict of Paris, Guyot was the host of the famed artist salon building, the Bateau-Lavoir from the time of Cubism. In 1931, he joined the group of the Twelve, created by François Pompon and Jane Poupelet and which brought together sculptors such as Marcel Lemar, Paul Jouve, André Margat, Jean-Claude de Saint-Marceaux, Georges Hilbert, and even the painter Adrienne Jouclard. On liberation, he was elected mayor of the commune of Neuville-sur-Oise. While he was very popular and prolific in his time, he had to wait until 1970 to have an exhibition devoted solely to his works.

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5.5in Height x 21.5in Length x 6in. Depth



Place of Origin

Paris, France


c. 1920's

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