Meet Tony

Twenty-five years ago my desire to travel, eat great food, and shop all day became a reality! My treasure hunting began inside the ancient walls of Florence, Italy. The goal was to create a showroom back home where all the elements of European living could be brought together with the elegant flair of the Italians.With locations in Newport Beach plus a 4,200 sq. foot showroom in Los Angeles, our inventory ranges from fine art, to chandeliers, to cassetones, garden statues to accessories. Interior designers regularly fill their clients homes with the pieces we bring back fresh from the Old World. There are several packed containers a year brimming with  hand-picked merchandise for the home and garden. Whether you’re a designer, collector or homeowner, we welcome everyone in a warm, relaxed environment. We hope you can visit us soon! 

About Antonios Bella Casa

Antonio’s Bella Casa is a classic combination of period, European furniture from Italy and France paired with modern and contemporary art and a diverse array of accessories. Each piece is hand selected and carefully vetted. With locations in both Newport Beach and Los Angeles, we provide a wide selection of top-tier furnishings to interior designers and discerning, private clientele.

Our showrooms are  full of unique, one of a kind ancient and modern pieces. You will find chandeliers, cassetones, garden statues, and artwork. We continuously refresh our collection with fresh finds brought back from the homeland by us.

Our showrooms draw you in with stunning vignettes to inspire. Around each corner are new beautiful pieces to admire. Layers, levels and so many surprises that will take you on daydreams of bygone eras.

Artwork from early periods to modern American artists such as Jasper Johns and Frank Stella (left) adorn the walls. Cassetones, tables and seating from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries around every corner. Unique and gorgeous lighting and mirrors adorn the walls. And sculptures and accessories adorn every surface.

You’ll find many amazing and luxurious treasures in our showrooms. As you browse through, the mix of old world and new will entrance. We know we’ve got the special and unique pieces no one else does, because we take pride in finding just the right ones.

Whether you’re looking for a specific piece or you’re an interior designer or collector, our passion is to help you find the antiques that you’re looking for. Stop in today and experience Antonio’s Bella Casa!